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October 27, 2002


Found in the wild: Aubrey Sabala

Not too long ago a friend pointed me to her blog. While reading through the old entries, I came across something familiar. I knew I had read it before but it wasn't until the name Matthew McConaughey came up that I realized it was an old blog entry of yours. Sure enough, at the end, there it was, signed "-aubs". Given that there is no connection between you and Sarah, I found it remarkable that by chance she would have this on her blog.

With my curiosity perked, I put a phrase from said blog entry into your employer's fine product and noticed it has gotten around a but, though none of the other ones saw fit to leave your name at the end (and some had changed details).

So now you're the author of what is undoubtedly an email forward that gets bounced to drunks and lushes everywhere. If you create SPAM on accident, does it count?

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