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December 18, 2002


Bagel Head's Uncle

I love the new format as it truly allows for everyone to comment and conversate.

one bad mamma jamma

Aub, you rock - merry christmas to you and the felines - wish i could visit you during the holidays! keep up the site - i need something entertaining to read while at home with the relatives...

Moniker? Ain't that the girl from Friends?

Right Aub - I agree; when it comes to gifts it's the thought that counts (when your cards finally expire)...

Unless, of course, that you're talking 'bout mine. And me? Well what do you get the shallow materialistic guy? I'm thinkin' the new Lexus commercial will put you on the right track, perhaps a speedboat, or head.

Please note: It is recommended you don't forward the complete wish list to family members

this is my favorite homegrown website! nice work aubrey!

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