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December 27, 2002



There's a song I like a lot by a guy named Derek Webb called "Love is Different." He explained it, once, when I saw him in concert. The song is his response to the love we all have grown up with on the TV and in the movies. The kind of love that blossoms into marriage over the course of one traumatic weekend. The sun sets and the screen dims and we are left to believe that every moment there after in that fictional couple's life will be all rosy. But Derek says that love is

"never in a song or on a tv screen
and love is harder than a word
said at the right time and everything’s alright
love is different than you’d think"


A winderful way to express your feelings! You have a sense of style when writing...


Change is a constant. Nothing except Gods love remains the same. I too after Mass driving home thought of how things use to be and will never be again. Your pain touches everyone. We trust you to stay the course!


i had the same thing but because my dad died. there was also no coffee smell coming from my kitchen. it was sad. there were no boxes with slippers in them. there was no 'take grandpa his presents' uttered. i even had to carve the ham.


Aubrey, it's sad to hear that your Christmas wasn't what you were hoping. I really hpoe the new year brings you some joy.


i'm in the same boat. my parents divorced five years ago when i was 26. i had much of the same feelings, in addition to a fair ammount of confusion. all i can say is it gets easier with time.

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