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December 16, 2002



Truly, people, you can leave me comments. I'm feeling semi un-loved here. It works, I promise. Click on that 'lil "Your Thoughts" button. Amuse me.


I discovered your site a few months ago and It's been and continues to be a pleasure to read your regular updates. I am in my twenties and think a lot like you on many subjects. It's great to read such interesting stuff and to see so many fun pics all the time. I thank you for entertaining me and making me feel like I'm not the only one who thinks a certain way for certain things. You're witty, sarcastic, peppy, you're the way I think a lot of chicks our age should be. Keep being yourself and I'll keep reading.


You should totally feel guilty with Your Body is a Wonderland. Its so damn catchy, you can't help but love it!

Feel the love

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