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January 28, 2003


Bradley Pratt

'bout time scrubs got the respect it deserves; jettison your guilt - that show is simply a pleasure


The 'g' is gone but will forever remain on picture frames, aprons, and t-shirts.


Yes, and in our memories. (sigh) I think the perfect bday present for me would be one of those tokens of the 'g'...

Ivor Biggin

I personally am glad that Felicity has removed itself from the airwaves. It's not that the story surrounded a bunch of teen/twentynothings who took life so seriously they would be necking prozac, steaming up the bath, listening to Tracy Chapman and trying razor blades by the time their first mortgage repayment fell due. It's the fact that the dweeb is married to Jennifer Garner and after the Alias commercials during Superbowl every man wants to punch him in the head.

ps According to folklore no man ever finds the g anyway Aub.


Different 'g', Ivor, but I can attest that M. Warner knows the 'g' personally...


Did you see that part on Joe Millionaire where MoJo said she wanted to see the other girls in her hat? And the puzzle? And the book of her life? 1 word, weirdo.


Speaking of downloading music... who do you use, cause Limewire's been sucking for me lately... then again, could be my crappy dial-up connection which I refuse to get rid of since it's free...

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