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January 16, 2003


This job you have, is there work involved?

Trisha Dill


love reading your site. You're a very talented writer!!!

AND....can't wait for all of Ali's fun wedding festivities!!!!

write me soon and let me know what's up.

who are you working for these days?


Nick Stallard

Hello Aubrey,

Since I have received about 200 emails form you over the past couple of years, I thought I would respond to one finally.

Thats all.



Ali is engaged??? That's so exciting- congrats, Ali, if you read this! And Aub, your writing is superb, but I can't imagine where you find the time to write all this stuff!

- Mandy


OOOH I am loving this! Happy B-day to Nicky & Mandy!!! Y'all are old! :)


aubrey, i wasn't surprised at all to hear about doug and kristen taking the next step. good for them. i'm just not sure i can make a wedding in vegas in the next few weeks. all these shotgun ceremonies are robbing my bank account. tootles,


I think that the plague and disease are probably over running sub saharan africa because you pay more attention to this website than you do assessing epidemiological sofware for the CDC

Doug Thiede

Wait until you see the ring on Kristen's finger! Not bad for a hurry up situation like ours. Hope everyone can make it to the reception!


web popularity amazes me.. especially when one can write maybe five words and garner 80+ comments.

i'm a tad bit jealous too. :)


I am loving that it's Friday (and flurrying in ATL)!
Anyone have exciting plans this weekend?


Google can lead to some wierd places...


Drinking can also lead to some weird places

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