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February 04, 2003



"Pop sensation Justin Timberlake was seen at many ATL NBA All-Star party spots over the weekend with two women by his side who have not yet been named. Although sources at the scenes say that these two lovely ladies will not remain unknown for long."

People Magazine


"Upon further investigation, the busty bombshells (a brunette and a blonde) are both local to Atlanta. Looks like Justin will be frequenting Hartsfield Airport again soon."

In Style Magazine


I think we are all a little guilty of starf*cking, it's this natural response, we all want to be great, to have our 15 minutes. Have fun bathing in the celebs, it's great to meet some and be a fan.

Yo' Mama

I think the lovely brunette was the one and only Ms. Brandy Long and the gorgeous blonde was Ms.
Aubs herself. Unfortunately the two of them were too dee-runk to remember who and where they were. AA awaits, my lovelies!

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