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March 03, 2003



forget the mystery and romance, aubs!!! i'd pay big money to see you trade the good stuff for a public viewing and judgement of possible suitors...as long as i get to ask the first round of questions.


C'mon now, Atlanta's bar/dating scene still has to be better than DC's.

Did you notice there weren't many (if at all) people from DC on Married by America? Yup, they were all too busy working.


Is it just me, or was anyone else secretly rooting for Joe Millionaire to show up on Married by America and give one last uhhhhhhh, I'm Evan Marriot, uhhhhhhhh, I like cats and, uhhhhhh, oh yeah honesty.

That would've made my week.

Yo' Mama

Did you also notice that there weren't any people from Cleveland on the show either? That's because all of the intelligent ones moved to other cities after college (see last week's Plain Dealer series).

Take it from me, the person who loves you most in the entire world (even though I wouldn't get out of bed at 4:00 in the morning in Chapel Hill and made you walk from uptown to Green Street in the rain),there is something to be said for "arranged marriages."

Matty G

OK, so the following means that I watched the show too...god, I'm sad. But did you see the extremely attractive but not too bright Italian woman named Alessandra from San Francisco? I know her - actually, I've bought something from the store she owns (an incredible Italian pottery store, actually) -- and she's jaw-droppingly gorgeous. My co-workers and I actually were led to believe she was gay (and were okay with that...) and then I saw her last night on this show...looking for a man. Anyhow, my brush with marginal fame.


My only brush with fame is that my prom date is a professional football player. I think we're about even, Matty...

i like

to meet women at Hole in the Wall...over by the bathroom. another good spot is the mini-stage that people dance on. often there is a girl that has been pushed to the back of it that is feeling left out of the fun. of course you can always stake out the front door.

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