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March 27, 2003



Tell me again why I have to be at work on a day like today?!!!!!!! I have so many other better things I could be doing with my time


Stop dressing like a hooch at work! Those of us in suits are bitter.


Darlin', if you think THIS is hoochie, you ain't seen nothin' yet. (Anyone from MQ can remember my red leather coat and matching boot debaucle...)


Ladies....it's time to find some pole this summer...


Tray, you're my spiritual guide from now on. Bring on the pole...


The fever - ahh yes, I know it well.

Will Smith summed it up best in the song "Summertime":
"... it's like the summer's a natural aphrodisiac ..."

Of course, back when that song was released the hormones were in overdrive even in the dead of winter.

Sing it with me "summer, summer, summertime..."

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