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March 20, 2003



I don't know if it is something about people getting married, but I have been missing high school recently (that is how I stumbled on your website). It was so much simpler, there was so much ahead in life. Unlike many people, I pretty much liked everything about high school. You really have become a good writer! I was thinking how similar your story was to my prom experience. How innocent, inexperienced, and fun everyone was then.


I'd love to write something that might indicate how touching this story was and how it has affected me, however my newly formed tears are preventing me from thinking coherently. Thank you for this.


Thanks, Kimberly...if it helps, putting this down in words was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my writing career. Am glad to know my experience moved you...


Wow, I thought I was the only one who still believed..This was one of your most amazing posts ever....Thanks for giving the hope.


Damn, there seems to be a rash of writing about first loves going around.

Liked yours.

The descriptions of summer high school nights were right on.

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