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March 10, 2003



Be careful what you wish for...
Stalkers are never fun, and the only thing less fun than a stalker is an Excel spreadsheet.

AMC anesthesia dept.

Never mess with a woman willing to wear a late-80s prom dress out to Mardi Gras party!!! Bald noonies are the bomb, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dude, no one should be mentioning "bald noonies" on my site. Are you trying to get the pervs onto my site via keyword search?? Let's just pretend you were talking about "Bald Goonies", i.e., Sloth. Right. We're straight now.

have to say, aren't you more upset by the "late-eighties" reference?


Now that you bring it up, YES! My prom was in 1995, and the dress was quite lovely at that. Late 80's...pshaw.

sorry to misdate the dress, I guess I was mesmerized by the bald noonie...oops sorry "sloth"!


Since someone mentioned Sloth and that was my nickname in middle school, I thought I would email. Aubrey, I will give you 5 guesses as to who this is and another clue. I went to middle school and high school with you. Your site is really interesting. It looks like you have lots of cool parties and events. Start guessing!


Hmm, a challenge. Well, if your initials are
D. K.
and you at one time wanted to name your child
"Asshole", I think I know.

Do I win a NEEEWWW CAARRRRR, complete with California Transmission, for answering correctly?


You win a new car!! Just kidding! I (Doug Kane) am at Ohio State finishing my Ph.D in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. I am working on Lake Erie and have spent the past 8 summers at Put-In-Bay. I don't think I am going to name any kids asshole now. I am getting married in June and I don't think Melissa would approve of that name. Maybe I can convince her of naming kids Sugar, Citizen, Candy, Hurri, and Oldmanwitha.


Congratulations, Doug!
And for anyone else who's a long-lost friend, you can always email me: asabala@yahoo.com


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