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April 07, 2003



I thought you had already been on cops. By now you should receive Heather Locklear "Melrose Place" special guest star status. (your name in the credits and a high salary...)

Tommy Mommy

Please post the approx. 15,000 pictures you took in the cab on Fri. and at Cheyenne Grill on Sat.


Sadly, unintentionally deleted the lovely cab photos and Sarah has the Cheyenne Grill ones. I do have a few semi-incriminating ones from the Tap, though...just no comments allowed on WHY they may be incriminating.


why are they incriminating?? hee hee


I don't have any solutions...except to say, "It's not just you, dogg!" My procrastinating ways top yours only in that they are accompanied by insane paranoid thoughts... "The members of my new account team just shut the door... are they talking about how much I SUCK? ...Did they see me reading my latest e-vite/Aubrey's thoughts/the web site from the camp I attended WHEN I WAS 12??? Did my boss hear the sound 'you've got mail' coming from my cube? HE DID, I KNOW HE DID!!!"


Hey, have you seen dooce's latest entry? Looks suspiciously like she stole your idea from a week or so back (http://www.aubreysabala.com/blog/archives/000090.html).

Must've been payback for your "Pride is what you had baby, I'm what you have" plagiarism ;)


pop culture is what it is -- beyond the quintessential lyrics, Dooce and her adorably-suited husband can never usurp me. Even if my comments were posted before them, it's likely to say they thought it before me. We all need inspirations, and they may be mine.

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