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April 30, 2003


Drunk Dialed

Moderation sucks!

The Truth

I know more about Aubrey's life than I do about some of my own family members. Is this a good thing? Answer a question, miss international social butterfly . . . How many people do you have on your "spam" list? And when are you going to start selling aubreysabala.com gear? I bet TuckerMax would like a pair of aubreysabala.com boxers.

And as always, I remain, The Truth.


Tucker doesn't wear underwear.


Fun Aubrey may have been a drag on Saturday, but Betty and SARS were a riot, no? Not only does booze make me a phenomenal hula hooper, but it makes me yell fun things at hot male models.


does the online hangover cure work???


It does. I highly recommend it. I tried the beer one when in Chicago and felt fantastic the next day after some imbibement...they also make a wine one that I've yet to try since I'm 'on the wagon.'

At least until tonite...

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