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April 04, 2003



i've been battling "karma chameleon" all morning. sweet jesus, make it stop.

and any man who describes his hair as Wavy is worth all the chicken wings in Wingtown.


1) Google does rock the free world. That's awesome, I've looked at opportunities out here where the HQ is...congrats

2) As for songs, you really can't go wrong with "Rock you like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions. At the least, that should now stay stuck in your head for a few hours...

Tommy Mommy

I had Ignition Remix in my head all day yesterday too (well, that and a nasty hangover). I now have "Rock Your Body". Thanks a lot.


"Rock Your Body" is the current winner, though "Karma Chameleon" is now sneaking in there as well. A bit o' Fifty Cent "In da Club" beat completes the cacophony that is occurring in my head.


You may have already solved the Repetative Song Problem by now, but here's a great one anyways: Wake Me Up Before You GoGo. This is a feel good tune that no one can resist! Trust me and just start singing it. Not only will you thank me, but everyone you come into contact with while it pours from your lips will as well.

wake me up before you gogo...cuz i'm not plannin' on goin' solo...

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