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May 29, 2003


El Gray

Happy (early?) Birthday to you.

I have never tried any underwater tea parties. Or any tea parties at all. I tend to just attempt to lay down flat on the bottom and stay there without floating up until I run out of breath.


aubrey... saw your comment on jason's blog about spending time with couples this past weekend... talk about nauseating. blah :b


i came across your desire for a TiVo via Sarah B (via jennn) and I'm going to have to advise you to get it. Hopefully someone will buy it for you for your b-day, but its one of the best investments i've shelled a buttload of money out on. i love mine to death and i dont really think i can watch tv without it anymore. good luck and happy early b-day!

Mr Name no the Same

Get over the marriage thing. Marriage brings no good to anyone.
Your more fun and interesting as is. I say this as though we knew each other. We don't. You'd remember.

PS. My computer or yours hates me.


I think it's mine...the code for the comments is all messed up and non-techie me can't figure it out. Anyone? Anyone? (It would be a great gift to solve this snafu for me...)

But not as good as say, flowers or, ahem, OTHER things that I'll let y'all use your imagination over...

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