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May 14, 2003



I wouldn't read your website if I didn't know who you really are.

The G

I sure as hell hope you are not a 40 year old man.


"The G", I think you can attest to the fact that I'm not.


You do realise that there are Australians in Australia?


If they look anything like I remember my surfing instructor (when I was in Sydney) to look, yep. They're half of the appeal.


For those who know you "in real life", it's not an issue since they know who you are. For them I would imagine that this site is just a cool aspect of their friendship with you.

But for those of us who don't know you in real life, the site is something completely different, yet after thinking about it my conclusion is the same: the question you pose is somehow still not an issue. I don't think it matters whether you are really Aubrey in Atlanta or Mr. Tax Evasion. I'm sort of suprised at this realization, but I think it's true, provided one thing holds true: that what you write here is true to the Aubrey "character". Consistent with the "you" that you portray, whether real or imagined. And it is, except for the strange exception that I don't see what the incurable romantic Aubrey would see in Tucker Max, who although entertaining, seems to leave plenty of hurt in his wake. But I'll throw you that one under the category of "I'll never completely understand women".

. . . but nevertheless I hope you aren't a 40 year old man. (I don't think so--he would have slipped by now, and it would be more obvious than the Tucker Max thing).


However, it would be funny if you were a 40 year old man knowing that you went to see Tucker Max on his home turf. Just the thought of his expression when you walked in . . .or when you (in your 40 year old man's body) were standing nude in his living room. . . Tucker Max smooched a 40 year old man!


Wouldn't be the first time Tucker smooched a man... (See here)

AND, who said I smooched him?


Two important questions:

1. When did you start using y'all? I know you went to North Carolina and live in Georgia but I would hope you still speak like a Clevelander at our 10 year reunion. (just kidding!)

2. Did you kiss Tucker Max?


"Y'all" is as common as Ohioans saying "Pop." It's just the way it is.


Dude, that's so super sweet! Thanks!

(And if I wasn't really getting married, if it was a ruse to garner interest and sympathy and presents and...hey, wait a minute, I ought to start pretending more often...)


retard your anger, and simmer

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