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May 16, 2003



As Sammy Sosa would say, "Keep it continuing." Which doesn't really make sense, but anyhow, your site is different than the thousands of blogs talking about what they made for dinner or who they puked on the night before - which CAN be interesting, mind you - but there's no reason inherently to become more 'blog-like.' Which sounds uncomfortable anyhow.


You're the next best thing. Keep writing the longer pieces and we'll all direct as many famous editors as possible to the site. Provided you tell us how to recognize them. Perhaps they could wear nametags, or some special type of hat.

But something more bloggish on the side would offer a good outlet for your (and your readers') less earth-shaking observations.


Im fussy, and I very much enjoy your site. Oh, and who is your hot hot blond friend with the big eyes and big smile?
You can tell her she roasting toasting from (insert whoever you want here, this is the web)


and now it worked.
some weird stuff in this comments coding
but it took me three tries to get this to post


Yeah, there's something with a Java Runtime error or something along those lines -- it works on some computers but not on others. Still trying to figure out how to fix it...be patient, it'll come soon.

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