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July 29, 2003



what do you do for a living that you have all this freelance work to do?


are you going to San Fran with Tucker?


Actually, no. I haven't been on the site in a while and had no clue until you posted this that Tucker would be there when I am. (Nor am I the bisexual porn writer that he apparently mentioned on his site.) I'm there for a work conference (my company is based there) and don't think I'll even see him (every day/night is already full). Though you never know, stranger things have happened.


Upon further review, it looks like Mr. Max will ALSO be on the Eastern Seaboard when I am. Interesting. Very interesting.


Oh yeah - and one more thing? Be prepared for the Wrath of Aubrey as tomorrow I go off on why I STILL NEED A ROOMMATE and why I am soliciting help in moving all of the stuff back INTO the room that I had already moved everything out of. In the meantime, I'm hoping my pigtails will solicit free drinks. I need them.

Ryan Tisdale

"My in-box...depicts my overwhelmingness of everything."

This comment excites me.

Tucker Max

I'm gettin' ready to pound that veal !

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