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July 28, 2003


Helen Jane

I tried to talk James into a roommate yesterday, but he would have none of it.

Damn this self-inflicted brokitude.


Dude, you forgot "sweep my bedroom for hidden nanny cams week after roommate moved in".

As one gal with a guy roommate to another, its a To Do list must.


aww man your moving in with a dude...nice I am jealous...where are you off to for 10 days?


Nanny Cams? [Roommate Who's Name I am not Publicly Disclosing], if you're reading this, I'll skin yo' ass if you install one of those. Moreover, I'll sic the cats on you, which trust me, is much, MUCH worse.

Helenjane, you just inherited a "Forever Roommate" - no need for another one until it's of the 8lbs, 7ozs size. :) I'll keep good job-vibes y'alls way.

And as for my trip - Cleveland, San Fran & DC will see me in the next 10 days. It's Aubrey, Intercoastal Style.


wow have a good time. when do you leave?

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