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July 30, 2003



We always tried to tell you that you had too much stuff!!! Just kidding. Good luck with the search. You are better off without him, remember the last random male roommate you had???


that picture of Katie on the left should make you feel better. That's classic.


Awww woe is you! I would be just as pissed off as you are right now. I don't get how this dude would think that the home owner would give him more space than they had. Good Luck once again and hopefully your stay in "Broke-Ass Land" won't last as long as mine. I think the only good thing was that somehow the booze was free. :)


You weren't suppposed to live with him.
Like Kelly said, you're better off without him.

Aack. Good luck!


hey, hey...i remembered how to spell your name - a 1st for me. neat page.

it was good seeing you tonight. keep in touch.

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