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July 21, 2003


scott frans

It's probably not typical or appropriate for a girl's-friend's-baby-brother to be contributing to that girl's personal forum, but I guess you can consider me an Internet addict as well, one who also can't help but check up on his "cyberpals." Just thought I'd offer some lyrical wisdom that inspires me and does seem appropriate:

"It's not hard to grow when you know that you just don't know"
- Damien Rice, Cannonball


I know what you are saying and I understand what you are going through. My bestfriend thinks the same way. She wants to find someone, she wants to fall in love and she wants to be happy. I believe that you, like her, will find true love one day when you least expect it. There is a reason why all these things happen, and when you find him, you will realize why it took so long. Good luck in you persuit.


"...hiding in the gray matter of our brainstem, under the 2-for-1 margarita Monday dead brain cell repository"

that's funny.


You just wrote the story of my love life.

After attending my fourth baby shower in three weeks this past weekend as a "singleton", there for a good friend who is herself a "smug married" (to continue the BJD verbage), I feel better (not to mention saner) knowing that I am not the only one out there who has the same idealistic albeit slightly cynical twist on my personal romantic fate. And at the ancient age of 30, I can only continue to hold those ideals close or I fear I shall spiral into that dismal abyss known as lonliness....


Well Aubs you have out done yourself this time. Your thoughts depicted here eerily describe my love life to a tee. For me I feel all of the unnecessary pressure placed on young women to find love and happiness is the exact reason why we might find what we think is love but we will never find real happiness as we simply rush and settle with whomever comes our way first. My question is when will we get the power to change the world's "timeline" for us and simply do it on our own terms?


So will you know it when you see it? If so, what will it look like?


I hope so...thus far, I know I haven't seen it yet. Cheap facsimiles, perhaps, but the real thing has somehow eluded me so far.

Tom Bridge

I'm 24 and in love for the very first time of my life. After years of trying to fool myself into it, I gave up. I had my heart broken in a pretty dirty fashion (turns out she was dating more than just me...for a few months...) and I had just given up on it all.

But about a month later I met Tiffany and about four months after that, I fell head over heels.

It happens always when you least expect it.


Phrase that is heretofore banned on this post:
"It always happens when you least expect it."

Read above in the post for my justification.

Thanks for your kind words, though...and attribute my testiness to one hell of a case of PMS.

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