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July 16, 2003



I have seen Chicago three times and they are still great. Maybe I will see them when they hit Columbus. I just bought the Beach Boys greatest hits and Kokomo always reminds me of those dances in middle school (along with Every Rose Has its Thorn, I Remember You, and other Chicago songs like Look Away). I think you and I may have shared awkward dances at those "Canteens" at Burneson. I have no clue what teenagers slow dance to nowadays. I think they just dance to Christina and Britney and rap and don't do slow dances.


Ugh. Now I have the weird, nervous, queasy feeling in my stomach that I always got right before I attempted to ask the girl that I really, really liked if she'd dance with me to Total Eclipse of The Heart. It had to be THAT SONG!! It was extremely important!!

I have no idea why.


If it makes you feel better, my song of choice was/is Love Bites.

And I'm not afraid to admit it.

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