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August 06, 2003



Aubrey I couldn't have said it better myself!!! You are right we over analyize everything!!!! I too wish there was some sort of a pill that could stop this.

Have you heard back from him yet? And how is your trip going?


OK, first, some clarification. This post really wasn't even about me! I just had checked my emails and had a few from girlfriends over-analyzing things and realized that I'm prone to do so myself. So (in this case!) wasn't waiting for "him" to call or write or whatever...just was something that was on my mind.

One more day in San Fran, kiddos...

Blake Mason

Keep on going girl!!! When you get back to Atlanta why don't you come over for a roofie and a stiff shot of manjuice??? See you then. Blake


I thought the desire to eat the entire container of Hagen-Das was woman's worst enemy.


Oh, it's so true, and this is one of my worst habits. *sigh*


Oh my goodness! So embarrasingly true (even for 40-somethings). Sigh. One love of my life sums it succinctly when he knows I have been on some wild mental safari, he says "YOU THINK TOO MUCH."

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