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August 20, 2003



You are the southern Carrie Bradshaw. Just as long as you are careful of your Georgia infleunce and avoid the scrunchy.


You warm my heart! I'm officially initiated as a Southerner!

And no worries about scrunchies. That's reason for a whipping in Ohio.


At one point, when I was 25, I went on a first date with a man whose amorous enthusiasm ended with me kneeing him in the balls and exclaiming, "I'm just too damn old to be date-raped."

I mean REALLY, date rape is like, so 1991.


I had really bad date experiences aswell and I wish I had your Dear John one aswell as your Dear Scary Pervert. I really think you should sell these, I think the women of the world need them!

And date rape is so 1991.

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