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August 13, 2003



At least you don't title your list the way I do--with my initials. "VW To Do:" As though someone else is going to come along and think it belongs to them.


My "To-Don't" list is longer than the uncut version of The Stand. Mostly it revolves around things like "Don't say completely inappropriate things to the clergy or small children".


My sister and I have scads of tiny books filled with to-do lists...

Most, still undone.

I'm starting my to-don't book right now!


Surely we can rethink this one?
"Forget to wear underwear when wearing a dress if you feel that fan kicks are in your immediate future"


If you like Billy Bragg and Wilco you should check out Black Eyed Soul. They are a great band out of Central Florida...I think you'll like!


F'ffffive dddddays wwwwwwwwwithout a nnnnnnnnew pppppppppost . . . aggghhhhh . . . please send oxygen . . . .

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