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September 03, 2003



Funny you should say that.. I like Atlanta. But I haven't truly loved it since before I lived here. But then, every city'll be a compromise of some sort.


I have lived in the same place for the past 25 1/2 years and I have always urned to go be somewhere else, thinking that life may be better for me out there, but I was always to afraid and to attached to leave. I envy you Aubrey, I wish I had the guts, the courage or whatever you have that makes you want to move from place to place, changing the routine every once in a while. I always seem to get caught up in the whole "Grass is always Greener" concept, but we both know it's not true. However, Aubrey that is no reason for one to limit themselves to a life of routine and lack of something they hold true to their hearts. If you feel the need to move, but feel your missing that something to give you the push, I suggest you close your eyes, hold out your hands grasp at it, before it passes you by.


you left DC for the same reasons I did you silly girl!


I agree that Atlanta can seem somewhat of a hodge podge, but being an Atlanta native I have to protest that there are still mom and pop places around and tons of charm and quirks to boot...ya just got to look....where else does everyone know who blondy is or wonder what is up with the guy on ponce with the white spandex.


Come on Aubs, what do you call Moe's & Joe's? Certainly not corporate America. But I know what you are saying and have felt the same thing. The problem is 90% of the "metro" (somehow that never seems like a word that one should use with Atlanta) lives in subdivision spawzilla OTP. The other 10% lives in a shell of a city that suffered decades of neglect.

It's turning around though... it will take time but a new Atlanta is growing and those of us who are here now get to help define it.

Sure it is great to go to that corner neighborhood hangout that has been there forever in other cities but here, you can be one of the original cast of odd characters that gave the place its rep as a cool place.


first time poster, semi-long time reader

thought 1:
been here 3 years and the major downside of this city is also its major upside: in every area you would want a city to be its very good, but never great in one area
example: the music scene - lots of great bands come here, but we really don't have a 'local' music scene like detroit, la, ny, austin, etc.
yet i seem to see a great live band or dj (large or small) almost every week or two

thought 2:
have you been to east atlana, any one of the bars and pubs - echo lounge, the earl?
late night at crescent room?
star bar?
they are all fun places with unique people that have lots of personality

thought 3:
find a boy ms sabala that you normally wouldn't date who does things you don't normally do, you would kill two birds with one stone, even if its for a month :)


Charlotte. The charm of the South without all that nasty gridlock. ;-)

David Kearns

Mmmmm.... Booeys

Though I still liked the old receipe for the Exorcist that I swear I enjoyed in the 80's (it used to have blue cheese on it, I swear).

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