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September 23, 2003



"my flexibility comes in handy at times" hmmmm...

Bathing is the tricky part with a cast on your arm. When I had a broken arm, though, I had my mommy to take care of me. Plus, I wasn't working and could just tool around 8th grade with the plaster monster.


Wouldn't this be easier if you had a boyfriend? Not necessarily. Not if you are like me, with my man 3000km away, at the other end of the country. All because I decided to do a grad program. Sigh..is school really all that important anyway?
Ahem, back to you...Miss frail-arm-bones...may your arm get better super quick. You right-handed?


You just need a boy, not quite a full boy friend. I'm sure there's plenty of applicants who'd help out in the shower just to say they were in the shower with a woman. Just hit up the local school's computer science area and you're good to go.

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