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September 05, 2003



I have been a member of ASS for years.

So to speak.


My God woman have you no home?? :) Where are you heading to now?? Hope you have a good time, I really envy your constant changing life!


Intersesting. My mom used to tell me that I'd catch a fly in my mouth if I left it agape. I think that has since scared my jaw muscles into a perpetual tension. You could always dress as a ninja. Don't they have a think that covers their mouth? Although you might not be let about the plane in that getup.


Thanks for the damn good laugh - the ASS part! I check in and read just to see what you are up to these days, always entertaining, but today I laughed with my mouth - agape - just make sure your head stays somewhat upright - keep in the drools, lol.

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