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September 29, 2003



speaking for the boys, you just need to pich the wedding invite as 'cake and booze'. that'll get them. i think as long as you say, 'hey, i just need a ddp. don't think this means i want a ring.' you'll be ok.

on the wedding thing... i always says that a wedding is the only mandatory play you'll have to put on. you need to get the costumes, script and stage ready. you try to have it go off without a hitch and you even 'rehearse' it. despite the fact that this play only goes for one night, you still have to entertain all these people for at least an hour.


I've seen your photos of the recent wedding and I'm not sure I've seen you left out of too much.
In fact I wonder if a date that might not know your other friends so well, wouldn't cramp your style?


Aubrey I saw your picture with the cast on and you still look hot!!! Hope your feeling better soon. I have to agree with you, it is better bringing a date cause then you do always have someone to dance with and that is always the best part of the night, dancing with someone when your drunk!


I've got an even better wedding guest stress element for you... Back Story: Almost all of my girl friends are now hitched or engaged. These are all the products of relationships shorter than mine (5 years with my boyfriend in November).. When I don't make him attend a wedding, where I know that he won't know a soul and I'll spend more time fawning over my friends and their lovely dresses and wedding jitters, (and secretly ecstatic that I'm not in their position) I'm chastized by my friends for not "making" him go because, as my boyfriend, he is required to (in their eyes, not mine obviously). Fortunately, my boyfriend and I agree 100% on this...

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