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October 14, 2003



"Sometimes they just rub you the wrong way."

You know those cute shoes I got while visiting you last month? Yeah, you should see my cute blisters from those cute shoes.

Bloody, scabby cute blisters. I'm so glad I have them!


Awww, Aubrey, do you miss us here?? ;) Wait, I know, you really miss your opp to go to Uganda...


While I do miss the PEOPLE of my last job, I think my current one is much better-suited for me!

That said, the topic of the article is relationships, not jobs...just needed to clarify!


For some reason, this really hit home with me... At the same time though, is it such a pipe dream to be able to have the comfy, tried & true shoes, but to also have them be the ones that are amazingly fantastic and make you walk just that little bit taller and prouder (stiletto heel or not!)? In my opinion, life's all about shopping until you find that perfect pair! Credit card bills be damned!

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