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October 06, 2003



I saw your ghetto pictures they were hilarious!! Nice job on the fake tattoos! Looks like you guys had a good time......

I too have my fave stall and I hate it too when others are in there and I need to pee....


I too have a bathroom mirror from hell...we just moved in to this place and there's a mirror that covers one entire wall, and one adjoining it above the basin...which means multiple angles...impossible to ignore reflections...throw in the retina-piercing morning sunlight bouncing off all the white surfaces and you have yourself a great start to the day :)


Okay, I just have to thank you for posting Leah's site. I have had a horrible morning thus far and needed a good laugh. Who does she think she is? My favorite? The picture of her on her cell phone. What is that? Also, is she receiving some sort of kick back from Von Dutch...why else would she have a link to them? And doesn't little miss fashion princess know that trucker hats were really already over before they started? http://nypost.com/gossip/40329.htm


"or, in my case, your hand" ... that's funny and sad. when's the cast come off? maybe for Christmas?

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