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October 20, 2003



I had the same weekend. Going back to places that brought back a lot of memories. I love weekends like these.

Ray Gallimore

Wow! I feel like calling Candace, Jennifer, Erin, Aubrey, Brandy, Charlie, Stoph and the gang to meet me in the cafeteria for dinner tonight. I wonder if Margaret, Edger, Ellen and Jack are still working the door? I guess that Brandy did eventually turn into my "Georgia Peach", although now she is going to be a "Florida Peach". Wish that I could have been back in Chapel Hill to share the memories. Thanks for the re-cap.


RAY - How could you forget about me???


I'll second that Kel!
I'm jealous I missed this weekend, but in keeping with this post, I have something that I found to show you guys when we're in DC!


You know we're getting old when we have to stay at the Red Roof Inn in Chapel Hill now-a-days!


i still do that with co-workers. we've got 'smoking-girl', 'cutie', 'creepy' and 'bozo hair'. just to name a few.

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