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November 24, 2003



It's awful that someone who you want nothing to do with can keep track of a small percentage of your life. As small as it may be, it still is something I wouldn't want either!


i guess this means you won't be telling us about your weekend.


Maybe another day...though this wasn't sparked by anything that happened this weekend, per se. Just festering annoyance.


Tell any seach engine with you in the cache that you're a member of the church of scientology and your entry will be as memorable as John Travolta's latest sci-fi film.


Was just browsing and happened upon your entry. :( I have been worried about this at times as well, although I have just started with the whole blog world. Keep up the good work and try and exorcise your 'annoyance'.


the Exorcism this is wierd. this is my first visit to your website, and i feel sad for you. oh well. cya later



Sad but true. Not only do us website people have to come up with something interesting to say, but we're forced to write in a way that considers the consequences as well. Web logs aren't nearly as much journals as people would tend to think, unless they have experienced the concept firsthand. It's between the lines and behind the entries where the real truth lies. While it's possible to hide the real thought or feeling somewhere in the text of an update, it's more often what we don't write that is actually what we'd really like to say. There's definitely a catch 22 involved in all of it somewhere, as the impression given is openness and honesty, while the limitation is that more than in any other situation, you have to be careful what you say.

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