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November 17, 2003



quarter-life crisis?
if there ever is a fidget-o-lympics i want to be in it. and my team can be called the "really rottens".


I very figity......I can never sit still, yet I have a job that requires me to sit at my desk for 8 hours only getting up to pee and to leave......

Eddie, I'd like to join your team!


sure. we need a waterboy.


Waterboy?!?!?!! I think not! ;)


There is nothing wrong with a "much despised hooligan". I used to be one of those hooligans and I turned out just fine.


ok ok. H20 Technician.


I feel you on the fidget-lots-but-was-still-a-favored-student thing.

Posted while watching the Super Bowl and IM'ing ...

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