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November 13, 2003



I hope it's one day soon...your really amazing and I think your writing is very similar to Candace Bushnell.....I just finished reading Sex and the City and it reminded me a lot of your stories about your weekend excurions and such..


That's a great idea. I'm a daily reader and enjoy everything that you produce. However, I would quickly distance from the Carrie Bradshaw theme, as that trend is coming to a close. Sorta of like those stupid retro trucker hats.

If you dig deep enough, some genuine, super-original, and high-quality material will surface. So quit putting it off and just do it.

You already have enough posts to fill a book.


We spoke only 2 or 3x's via shesheme and I was surfing the web this afternoon (avoiding work) and found your web site. I read this entry and the previous one and you have a great abiltiy to draw a reader in ... go after your dream.


oops.....i meant to give props to pink floyd.....but my cat seems to looove walking on my keyboard :) and it deleted the T from my name too.

many many pages of potential material has graced the pages of many of my journals & writing notebooks. i surely can relate to you.
one of these days you just have to sit yourself down & focus & put it all together :) i'm sure it'll you'll be a hit!


okay, so i didn't realize i was previewing & ended up posting another one when the first one didn't even post :) so, what i originally quoted by pink floyd..."and then one day you find ten years have got behind you...."


i think there are two types of people in the world. those who write and those who are paralyzed with fear if they even have to come up with one original sentence to put in a thank-you card. that latter group thinks that if you show some prowise in your writing that you should write a book, not realizing that the pressure to write an etire book is far more cumbersome than the pressure to write a witty tag-line for a company-wide email.
it's just not that simple.
now, i do agree with you that you should probably not tell anyone if you're starting to do it because possible failure or if you suffer from pooping-out-on-the-bookitis, then you'll at least suffer alone. that's like announcing that you're trying to have a baby and then 2 years later when you're still childless your friends are looking at you like, 'do you need some tips?'


For fuck's sake, fuck failure. Wear it so often and it becomes a part of you. Then one day, when you least expect it, you walk into someone's house and they're like, "Shit, why the fuck you wearing that ugly ass failure coat? Why don't you try THIS one on." Sexy, yes? Then you ogle yourself in the mirror. Damn, you fine.

But seriosuly--fail and fail again. Cliched, but so freakin' necessary. For fuck's sake, I used to write porn. And for a baby magazine. And now I copyedit celebrity's vapid quotes.

You don't need no book to validate yerself. Hell, you're gonna be published, ain't ya?

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