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December 12, 2003



Did I miss something? What happened to your car?


No worries, the Saab-ala mobile is just fine. It was just in for some maintenance & a squeaky roof (that they didn't fix - bastards.)


Hasn't the Saab-ala mobile been out of service several times since you've got it?

Sometimes there is a price to pay for style... though I'm going to assume in this situation, it is worth it.

P.S. Happy Holidays


Those sharpies do indeed rule. The best pen for inking something ever. On of these days I'll have to try one of these peppermint mochas...sounds good. Currently I'm stuck in a rut with my french vanilla lattes.


Hi there,

Stumbled across your website... very nice and a massive collection of pics!

Where about in America do you live? I probably read it somewhere but can't seem to remember as I write this message.

Well have a good Xmas, hopefully you get some snow - I'm still waiting for some in Scotland!



Main Entry: sug·ar·plum
Pronunciation: 'shu-g&r-"pl&m
Function: noun
Date: circa 1668
: a small candy in the shape of a ball or disk

who knew?

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