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December 09, 2003



super glad awesome to hear you are in better spirits these days!!!

fyi: people always say that women are attracted to men who are confident and like who/where they are in life...it goes both ways, believe me!!!


Gotta tell you this was just too damn funny. I was at work, on the phone with someone that I was only halfway listening to when I switched over to your website. Right as I started to read your post, Kory says 'I have something to show you--you wouldn't believe what he gave me last night!'. It was all I could do to keep from laughing from the coincidence.

And Aubs, at the age of 30 I have been a maid of honor three times (twice for the same girl), a bridesmaid/attendant at least six that I can remember off hand, and there was one year right after college where we quit counting the number of weddings and just decided to go to one every three weeks. I even have a scrapbook bulging with collected invites from friends and all. I admit that at first, sure, I was wishing that I could be there too, but after realizing that there are only about five people left in that book that are still married, I've realized that I'm MUCH better off!


YAY AUBREY!!!!!!!!!


I remember a few years ago going to an ex's wedding and thinking "Finally, now I won't get a crying phonecall every time she breaks up with someone again."

I remember going to the wedding of a previous girlfriend's sister, and thinking "It's not fair I don't get to be in the family pictures. I've been around much longer than they've been together."

The real thinker comes when your older sibling has been married for years, and you're already an uncle, and then your younger sibling gets engaged as well, with their rehearsal dinner falling on your birthday. What did I feel about that? "Good for them. Awesome. That's gonna be a week full of cake if I've ever seen one."

Now, I'm about 28 years old, and have learned not to dwell on singledom. That's not to say I don't pay attention though. I hear married friends all the time, saying 'I have to', 'I can't', 'I'll get yelled at', etc., over the most simple of things.

Do they really enjoy being married, I wonder, or is it just typical to complain about things you're 'stuck with'? Either way, I don't like this attitude, and know that eventually I'll be with someone I'll always enjoy being around, spending time with, and taking care of, and it won't feel like a job, so much as a blessing. In the meantime, you know what they say about patience.



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