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December 16, 2003



Woah...somebody got frustrated, me thinks. Two words: Anger management. It's holiday time, and while traffic in Atlanta can certainly blow, it's definitely been thinner in the last week or so. Take time. Take a deep breath. Pop in a really good cd whilst you circle the garage. Take time to hold the door open for that lady with a few too many bags. I don't know about you, but around my office, work slows and relaxes a little during the post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas period. Project timelines relax because everyone is ready for vacation. If that's the case for you, kick your feet up on your desk and enjoy that peppermint coffee a little more in the morning. It's the 'season of giving' right?...well then, most of all, be sure to give yourself a break.


i'm a big fan of the candy-cane-antenna. classy.


And stop with the profanity. It is Christmas. You are supposed to be feeling the love.


When you have a stocking for your cat, there is no room left to criticize those who decorate their cars. Same Chirstmas spirit, different form!


Last year I saw a truck, covered in lights, in traffic. It was pretty cool looking! It was, like, the glowmobile.... How'd they do that? Batteries?


Since you have made me feel somewhat guilty about not giving anything to one of my favorite bloggers this season, can I possibly send/give you the rather large "wreath or bow" I currently have placed on the front grill of my '95 Deville complete with red ribbon ??? I don't think I will miss it !


did it look like the taxi from The Money Pit?


Ok, to respond...
1. If you were behind this car, you would swear too.
2. C'mon now, if I didn't have stockings for my cats, where would I put their presents? (ha.)
3. As for anger management, by now y'all should know that I vent on my website as opposed to going out and actually punching the dumbass (oh there we go again with the profanity!) in his head. Call it cathartic.


You go Aubrey!


'dumbass' is way to good a noun to be profane.

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