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December 15, 2003



Aubrey, I hope whatever it is that you are going through get's better sooner than you think. It's sucks not being able to be your true self. If you need anything, all you have to do is ask!


First of all, I think there's about a million ways to spell 'hustle & bustle' which is odd, because I actually had looked it up earlier. Which one is correct, I wonder. While I don't pretend to understand/know what you've kept up a good attitude about for 'the past few years', I can offer really only one piece of advice: The only thing in this world we really have control over is ourselves, and even then, it's a very thin line...we may not be able to always control our emotions, but we can choose our actions. Whatever it is, it might be hard to get over, but there's probably something you can DO about it.

Avie T.

Sync your iPodGo buy an iPod and listen to happy songs all day.


I had the most bizzare dream about murder in a mountainside. I hope to god it doesn't mean something. Just some late eating.


Sorta sounds a bit like depression to me... Not to scare you or anything... but the feeling of sadness for no apparent reason is one of the signs. I'm speaking from personal experience. Maybe you should look into it?


Actually, there is a pretty concrete reason behind any sadness...it's just whether or not I'm actually handling it well.

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