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December 18, 2003



that's a hoot. i was made fun of in Hawaii for saying "fixing to...". guess that's a southern thang.


Since when does hitting the 'tab' key skip me down two records, and then up one? It's wacky I tell you....wacky. What I don't get though, is...is New York city 'home'? If not, you travelled quite a ways to shop on ebay. Nonetheless, those interesting events sound pretty fun. Why does a coffee shop bother with a bouncer? Who knows. Why does the ATM say 'please wait, retrieving your personal preferences', then ask you to select your language? Such little weird things are so fascinating....

Sarah B.

You, I love.

And I can't wait to hear how the red dress turned out!


I am so jealous that you got to meet Sarah Brown. To me she is just a digital creature who may or may not really exist. For all I know, Queserasera.org is the creation of an overweight male trucker from Omaha who types away on his satellite-linked laptop and makes up a whole other life while chalking up the miles. And oh what a life it is . . .


It sounds like your having a great time and love the photos that apply to your stories...
I wish you had a place for photo comments.


Ya New York has this way of grabbing hold of you and never letting go. It happen to me in 2000, and she still has her claws in me and I can't complain.

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