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December 30, 2003



I believe that you are less alone in those thoughts than you think. Everyone can't get picked for the kickball team at the same time. Hang in there and Happy 2004.


You know, I saw on one of those typical crappy teenage melodrama shows, the superstition that "How you spend new years determines how you'll spend the rest of the year". What a bunch of crap that was. If I took that theory and applied it to each and every one of my New Years Eves, I almost guarentee the results would be the complete opposite. Spending New Years in a state of complete elation? I bet you good money you'll end up having a miserable year. Spending it as just another day? You'll have one hell of a year. Spending it pining for something....something more, something missing? I guarantee you that at some point over the course of the next year, you'll get past that thought and learn to live in the moment, accepting what you have and appreciating all those oft-overlooked things even more. 2003, good riddance...bring on 2004!


I think that you are a great person, and that you along with a million other twenty-somethings, are just going through a quarter-life-crisis.....it's weird, I am in a relationship and I often feel as if I am on the sidelines looking at all the single people have the time of their lives. I wish, even if for just a quick second, go back to what my life was 2 years ago.....


ever hear "the wrong child" by R.E.M.? just sounded like it in the last paragraph.

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