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January 29, 2004



I thought you'd havce learned your lessonby now about bloggin while drunk. Coffee in hand: good. Drink in hand: bad.

That being said, the simplest answer is, in my experience, most often the correct one. In this case, for example, the answer is clear: He's your co-worker and she was slutty.


i think you said it first...he's 22
and will not have to deal with the 'slutty hooker' the next day at work

and i think you should post drunk more, they are always entertaining...


As Joe said, he chose the slutty hooker BECAUSE he's 22. And, unless you were just looking for a no strings attached hookup, sounds like he's not the guy for you. If you WERE looking for that, well, he also sounds like he's not the guy for you, because I think you'd prefer someone who's not an idiot.


Oh, geez. Let's take it easy on the twenty-two year olds, all right? we're not all so bad.

distantly related

funny how in the immediate years after our 22nd birthday, we turn on the 22 year olds.
i still kid myself to think that i'm just as hot, but with a better job.

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