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January 14, 2004


gary cruse

When I was in the Navy, I was stationed with a bunch of guys from the NorthEast. When I went home to Texas on leave, my folks said I talked like a yankee. When I went up north, they said, "You're from the south, aren't you?" Mongrels all, we are. :)


Grew up in Philadelphia. Moved to Oklahoma after high school. Got stuck. Still here.

I go back to Philly every other year or so, only to be inundated by friends who are completely amused by my "okie accent".

They like it when I say "fixin to" or "right quick" or "kinda deal", which I still don't believe I say. Or at least will never admit to.

Anyway, fixin to go to bed, but thought I'd post a message kinda deal right quick.


Any time I go anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line I get comments on my accent (which is extremely subtle to my own ears). Two things that bother me: 1) Why can't so many Northerners seem to understand that ya'll is only used when directed towards multiple people? and 2) Very, very, very few actors can fake a good Southern accent (see Cold Mountain for the latest attempts - Nicole Kidman and Jude Law are very good in it, but they definitely do not sound Southern).


It truly is disturbing to go from the Midwest to the South. I went from Ohio [Dayton ... well, Beavercreek if you really must know] to Mississippi ... at age 12.

It's enough to make a man drink, except I wasn't legal. The shame, the ignominy!

I've traveled around since then, and the only place where people don't immediately say, "You're from the South, aren't you?" is the Midwest. I reckon I must adjust back to the Midwesterner in me pretty quickly.

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