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January 08, 2004



Your update today reminded me of a scrap of folded paper I've kept in a sketchbook in my closet for about ten years, which is now retyped in unaltered form as my site's update for today. I guess today's original update will be saved for tomorrow. In Brandon Lee's last performance, as Eric Draven in The Crow, his character says "The little things used to mean so much to [her]. I used to think they were trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial." It's amazing how such little things can affect us, how seeing a scene from a certain movie can take us back in time, how hearing a song can remind us of a breakup, how a noticing a scent can make us realize we've fallen in love without meaning to, or in your case, remind you of what home feels like.


Gee Aub. I could see you walking the streets of London as I read your post. Love it.


Strange how a smell, a song, or other bits of the minutia of our past lives stick in our craw. They jump on and catch a ride with us, hopping off every now and then to look around when we stop. Stranger still how we covet these tidbits; as if keeping them around will somehow get us one step closer to immortality.


really nice place here. good work.

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