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January 02, 2004



what about felicity celebrity poker? would ben win? or would noel? :-)


Knowing ANYTHING about me makes this question unnecessary, don't ya think?

Ben, of course, Ben. True love and all 'dat...


Ah, Felicity. Started as such a good show with such a simple concept. Innocent schoolgirl follows boy to big city to take chances and see what happens. Then came the changes. The first time where a haircut has ruined an entire series, sending it towards its inevitable downfall. By the end, she was only rarely making her 'Dear Sally' tapes anymore, and somehow managed to create an actual rift in the space-time continuum. Go figure. Strangely enough though, the show's best highlights came down to the wearing of a red dress, an unhealthy obsession with Ben, and Jennifer Garner appearing for a few episodes as the Nole's piano playing, glasses wearing, pouty-lipped ex-girfriend for whom he rejected for a younger, whiny, curly-haired virgin that didn't really like him that much anyway. You may want to check out Underworld when it comes out on DVD in January.


so where are the new years pics?


I prefer the episodes after she cut her hair...long haired felicity was just too girly and predictable


hmmm... with the drinking problem? i'd have to go with noel. :-)

did it always seem like ben was whispering?


Isn't Tivo just the best damn invention ever? I don't have cable because I know I would keep my behind on the couch all day if I did. I still watch WAAAAAYYYYYY too much TV, and Tivo makes it possible to watch seven episodes of West Wing or the Gilmore Girls at one sitting. It's just the most awesome invention ever!!!

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