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January 19, 2004



Don't hate me, but it sounds to me like you and "darling roommate" are on the road to friend becoming more than friends??


Naah, just a friend. (And not in that Biz Markee sorta way, either.)


Uh-oh. She went THERE. Hey, I didn't know Dr. Greene died! Thanks for the *spoiler* warning! Geesh. If you ever miss him though, go to the Wild Wing in Marietta, which not only has, in my humble opinion, the best wings in town as well as an excellent beer selection, but also a guy named Jamie that looks almost exactly like Goose, Dr. Greene, whatever-you-wanna-call-him. It's uncanny, really. I had a girl roomate once for three years, who was good to live with, the exception being that she had a particularly annoying habit of straightening up after me. Now, I'm not talking about doing dishes or wiping down a kitchen counter. I'm talking about putting my shoes in my closet when I left them in the living room, or returning a book to my nightstand if I left it on the coffee table. But compared to the guy I lived with in college that would drop a whole slice of cheese on the kitchen floor before stepping on it with a dirty boot and leaving it there, she was a blessing.

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