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January 27, 2004



Cause I live to far. Why don't you post a picture of this hottie, so all the girls in a close city can come on down and break that door down!! :)


i can't get passed the 4th board.


I agree, can we get a picture or something of this wonderful roommate of yours!

Secondly, I am completely annoyed with the fact that you are off to South Beach and I spent a hour this morning scraping the ice off my car before work. Damn you D.C.!!!


As requested...


Darling, ain't he?


My god woman!!! why the hell hasn't anyone snatched him up??? Do you think he would have anything against moving north, like Canada??


Have you ever seen another good Ms. Pacman player? I think you should really do a little research before you start making outrageous claims like that. Does he go for points or number of boards cleared? It makes a difference. I will put my money where my mouth, and will gladly challenge him next time I am in Atlanta. In the meantime I think you should provide concrete proof (ie point totals or number of boards cleared). I am sure even he, as an avid Ms Pacmaner, will admit its easy to fool non Ms Pacmaners(like yourself) into thinking that you are good just by performing a few narrow escapes or reaching a pink board. Seriously, you want to be a respected writer, do some research first.


Next time he's in Virginia, let me know. I'll make sure he stays here--and we'll make sure he's good and darn happy too!


Woah now....when are you ladies gonna realize that we're not pieces of meat?

But seriously, what's the difference between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, really? Is it just that she has a bow?


"But seriously, what's the difference between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, really? Is it just that she has a bow?"

Pretty much, that and the contradistinctive genitals.

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