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February 12, 2004



Whatever happened to this?

You should have an anti-Valentine's party, a bitter ball, so to speak. The way I think of it, Valentine's Day is like Couple's Pride Day. Every other going-out-night of the year is dedicated to single people, much like every other day is white-anglo-saxon-male day, so it's only fair that couples should have at least one day to go out and crowd all the bars, making getting reservations or finding parking anywhere difficult.

Every other day, us single folk can buy flowers cheaply, get chocolate at reasonable prices, go out whenever we want, and don't have to worry about being asked 'What time are you going to be home', or told that 'It's time for bed.' I say, let them have their day. We've got the whole damn year.

whoa- sudden shift why?


Saturday's some important day?

News to me.


Oh man, I'm *in* a relationship and I hate Valentine's Day. Bring on Sunday, the sooner the better.


I want to make up synomyms. I'd like a word spelled "poxdamn". It would be a clipped word of pox and damn, meaning wishing that it would get a pox and then be damned.


I am in a relationship too and I couldn't care less for Valentine's day....Aubrey I will come down to Atlanta and hang out with you!


Nice! And they aren't boring red roses. Good job secret admirer, way to go!! Woo hoo!!


Hey! Paris didn't write that, I did. Something is up with your weblog Aubrey. =)


For one, I think she missed a closing font tag.

For another ... spiff move, whoever you are. :)


that was so sweet! and thank god they weren't red roses....if your gonna give flowers be creative! and they were...


great sites, well done

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