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February 01, 2004




Eh, it's not embarassing. Although those pictures may be. Format memory card, I say. At least your spelling was spot-on. And, at least, you wrote something about what you DIDN'T do while totally wasted, instead of about something you DID do.

All that being said, off to the Superbowl! According to the annual player-vs.-player videogame tournament (which has never been wrong in 8 years), the Patriots will lose. Let's see if this odd superstition is right for the ninth year in a row. And don't get me started on the 'Madden curse' wherein, every player to grace the cover of the video game has has a horrible subsequent season. I find these things odd, yet fascinating.


O. So sad. I missed your all-drunk-all-time self but that shall be remedied the NEXT time you're in our fair left-coast city.


You know, your posts while smashed are better than most folks' when sober.

Good on ya, I say.


I think both the post and the fact that you can't even remember writing it is hilarious!

Clint Venezuela

Damien Rice? Fantastic! May I recommend two books, Vernon God Little by D B C Pierre and The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. The denouement of the latter almost fetched tears to my eyes. Beautiful story.

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