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February 17, 2004



It's always been hard to decide what direction one should take and it seems that with age it doesn't get easier. I say stick to your guns and go in the direction your heart is sending you.


"There's little less unsettling than not knowing."

Does that mean 'not knowing' is settling?


Ah, to have your word choices criticized... much like the Sarah's incident. There's a whole bunch of handy catch phrases that apply to situations of these types. Sure, closure is good, but you can always get that without having all the information. Sayings like ignorance is bliss, well enough alone, don't ask, don't tell (although military related) come to mind. Some times you're simply better off not knowing that which might hurt you, and while they always say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, why bother dealing with that when it's easy enough to avoid?


If I've learned anything in my time as an engineer, it's that there's no such thing as perfect information, and waiting for it just pisses you off.

I've been applying that to my life since I learned that in my testing days, and well ... it's kept me sane(r).

Closure is nice, but that requires everyone to realize they might have left something unsaid. Some people [sometimes me] sometimes forget what we haven't said.


At least you're still standing.

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